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Here at C&B, we like to take our time (roughly 30-45mins) to ensure you get the best haircut and service possible. 

Each haircut is finished with a hot towel on the neck and quick massage... why?

Because it feels fecking great! 

If you’d like your hair washed, then that’s all good too.. no hidden charges. Just ask!  

We all hate rushing and no one wants to wait hours either, so appointments can be made via our online booking option.  


  Just like the hair on your head, a beard has to suit you. The slightest changes to a beard can make all the difference, so we like to walk you thru a beard trim before cutting chunks off.

A fine pruning is essential. 


Back and sides only.

This doesn’t include skin fades.. they take a lot of work.


AS SEEN ON TV!… No, seriously. 

Experience our owners YouTube famous, 7 step “Perfect Shave” for yourself. 

                  Click Here to see a sharply dressed @KlipperKem doing his thing, to see what we’re on about! 

Please note: The barbershop in the video does not reflect Cuts & Bruises Barbershop, however the service is just as good.


Despite it's retro look, we at Cuts & Bruises Barbershop believe a barbershop should be a space exclusively for men.  

Some children have more hair than some 30yr olds and take just as much work (if not more) as a Men's haircut, so no child price is available.

However, if you're an existing client and would like to bring your boy, this discounted option is for you!



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The shop...



57 Stoke Newington High Street,  London, 

N16 8EL



07942 8333 18

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Mon - Fri: 11:00 - 19:00

​​Saturday: 10:00 - 17:00

​Sunday:    CLOSED

...Our journey so far


Cuts & Bruises Barbershop X Parlour, is a neo-traditional barbershop, specialising in Men's hair, beards and general advice on how to be a sexy bastard. If you're reading this and know a guy that needs the above OR maybe you think you need us in your lives... don't hesitate book yourself in and take some joy in waking up in the morning again.

There's also basement were we hold music events - exclusive to friends and clients only.

That's right, once we get to know you, we'll decide whether we invite you to our cool barber basement parties.

Housed by ex-skaters, tattoo enthusiasts, Hip-Hop junkies, Trappers, slappers and professional hair people, the shop boasts a 90’s+ inspired soundtrack of UK & US hip-hop, grime and metal.

 We also have a N64, Sega-mega drive & PS2 set-up, incase you’re caught waiting and want to take a trip down memory lane.